Sunday, March 5, 2017


The Edibles Garden includes raised vegetable beds, fruit trees, berry bushes, an herb garden, and a composting demonstration area.   In addition to 12 raised beds, the garden contains a square foot garden demonstration bed, an accessibility raised bed, and a cold frame used for “hardening” seedlings in Spring.   A variety of annual vegetables are planted in the beds each year, with the aim of show-casing good-tasting varieties that grow well in Dane County and the surrounding area.  Excess produce is contributed to local food pantries:  nearly 60 pounds of sweet potatoes were harvested and donated in the 2016 growing season as part of the Dane County sweet potato project.  Herbs are planted in an herb spiral, in addition to bronze fennel planted along the foundation.  Fruit trees and berry bushes in the garden include 3 apple trees, and a black currant, aronia and goumi bush.  One of the raised beds is devoted to edible flowers.